golden threads

Warmer weather traditionally means lighter teas (not always, but we’ll come back to that in another post. I’ve been feeling drawn to this idea lately, and have tried several new and different white, yellow and green varieties over the past several weeks. One in particular that I’ve been coming back to over and over again is an incredible organic yellow varietal called “Golden Yunan”.

Here’s an excerpt from the letter I wrote to my Tea pen pal about this beautiful tea after a recent morning’s sit …

“…I can see all of the tiny delicate golden threads that connect everything together. It’s incredible actually; every time I sit and close my eyes, this web appears before me. At first, I was intimidated; who was I to be able to see and know such divine connections? But I was quickly answered with “you are a child of this earth, and this is your legacy as much as it is anyone else’s”. So now, whenever I sit with her, she takes my hand and guides me along one of the threads; showing me how I am connected to everything and how all things are connected to each other. It’s magical.”

It’s truly a beautiful gift.

I’ve gone back to this space again and agin in ceremony, so much so that now, without even having to sip from a bowl of liquid gold, I can close my eyes and see these threads, spreading out from my own body like a vast network of trails through the cosmos.

This morning’s sit was no different.

A gentle reminder that, no matter how hard yesterday might have been, Today I am right here, right now

And I am connected to the universe through this single bowl of tea.