needle and thread

“it’s ok to feel vulnerable” she whispers to me

“it is completely alright for you to feel this way,

about sharing your experiences of pain”

I nod yes, to show that I know,

shaking tears from my eyes with the motion

I know that this feeling of being exposed,

this raw, open-wound feeling,

will eventually pass

it’s not going to last forever,

but that knowledge somehow doesn’t make it

any less formidable now

“The point of sharing our pain,”

she tells me,

“is that it will allow us to heal

through sharing the dark we’ve been living in

our head and our hearts can begin to see clearly

can come back to centre

we can find that human connection that makes us glow brighter

and remember that we come from something more

something greater

and that we were not put here to hide away

but to laugh and sing and grow and learn and discover

sharing our pain helps us all to remember that

sometimes, in this dance that is living

things come undone

threads unravel

and we falter, or stumble,

or break apart at the seams

that’s how life works

the trick is remembering to see the pain

and the sharing of it with others

as an opportunity

to stitch ourselves back together in a new way

with new threads and colours and patterns

to make our life what we want it to be.”

she smiles gently,

and hands me a long golden needle

“are you ready?”