passing time

I didn’t realize it was today

until I did

and then I cried for an hour


until my heart ached a little less

and my eyes had no more tears to shed

and my mind whispered softly to me

“that’s enough now”

I think about you every day

I wonder if you know

If I had to guess

I would imagine that you don’t

that you try not to think about me at all

it’s been 365 days

longer, really

but today was “the day”

and still I find you in my thoughts

when something exciting happens that I want to share

or when I discover something new

or when I want help to understand an idea

it’s still you that I see in my mind

you who I want to tell first

I thought that this would have long since changed

that the passing of time would have meant

a shifting in these patterns

like sand being blown in the breeze

forming new shapes as the prevailing wind changed

and yet, there you are

some days less obvious that others

but still, present

and while I know you’ll never see this

I want you to know

that I will hold you in my heart

no matter how much time passes

or how the wind blows

With Love